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"Hubble Wants to Do for Contact Lenses What Warby Parker Did for Eyeglasses" - Oct. 31st 2016

Cheap daily contact lenses? Yes please! What you need to know about a new startup launching this week. 

We live in a world where multimillion-dollar businesses can be carved by eliminating middlemen and their exorbitant markups. Currently, we have direct-to-consumer eyeglasses (Warby Parker), razors (Harry's), and mattresses that defy physics and somehow fit into boxes the size of a third grader (Casper). They all seem to operate under the same faint sheen of minimalism and sans serifs while eliminating a lot of the nonsense that traditionally made procuring said products annoying. A net positive for you either way!

And now, a new startup called Hubble, launching Tuesday, wants to do the same thing for daily contact lenses. The promise is this: FDA-approved dailies for $30 a month (or $264 a year) delivered to your door, like Seamless Pad Thai for your nearsightedness. This, compared to the traditional annual cost of contacts at $500 to $700, is a pretty dang good deal. Why dailies? "They’re healthier than weeklies or monthlies," Hubble co-founder Jesse Horwitz told me over the phone. "Plus, they feel better when you wear the lenses."

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